Outgoing JETs

You’re a JET!  Congratulations!  You’re going to be living in Japan for a year or beyond —lucky you!  Probably you already have questions, maybe a lot of questions.  And that’s okay.  Many JETs have done what you’re about to do, and we’d like to make it easier for you.

If you read through our Survival Guide, attend our Core events to learn more about life in Japan, organize local Meet-ups, and contact a Sempai through our database, we think you’ll be more than ready.

Our initiatives focus on providing support to help educate and prepare the new JETs for a smooth and smart transition to their lives in Japan and on the JET Program.

sakuraChicago JETAA Survival Guide

sakuraSempai Database

We are looking for alumni who are willing to be a resource to new JETs. We are gathering information based on prefecture placement, hobbies, teaching-experience, etc. This is so new JETs know who to contact and connect with if they have specific questions that that fit their JET-needs!*

 To become a Sempai, please fill out this form.

To connect with JET alumni/Sempai, please email info@jetaachicago.com.

*Personal contact information will not be shared publicly.