White Day Yakinuku and Karaoke (3/25)



There’s a very special holiday coming up, and JETAA would like to celebrate it with you. St. Patrick’s Day? No, why White Day of course! One month after Valentines’ Day, March 14th, is the day in Japan for men to give gifts (typically white chocolate or marshmallows) to their counterparts to show appreciation for the Valentine’s Day gifts given that year.

Come celebrate White Day at San Soo Gab San, a delicious Korean-style yakiniku restaurant in Lincoln Square. After dinner, we will go to karaoke at Karaoke Restaurant.

Friday, March 25th
Yakiniku: 7:00 PM, San Soo Gab San (5247 N. Western Ave)
Karaoke: 9:30 PM, SingSing Karaoke Restaurant (6248 N. California Ave)

The cost* is $25 for dinner and $10 for karaoke.

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

*The cost does not include alcohol or other beverages – attendees are responsible for covering that cost individually.

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