JETAA Chicago Officer Elections


**JETAA Chicago is holding its annual officer elections this October!**

Interested in running? All positions are up for grabs and detailed descriptions are below. Whether you’re new to JETAA or have been around for many years, we’d love for you to throw your hat in the ring! Serving on the JETAA Chicago Board is a wonderful way to gain professional experience and develop the future of our chapter.

Candidates must submit their name; JET years and placement; a short statement of interest for the position and any goals; and a photo to by Monday, September 19th. Newly elected officers will begin their terms in November and serve for one year (with the exception of Treasurer).

Now is an exciting time to get involved with JETAA as we continue to pursue non-profit status, lead the way in Outgoing JET initiatives, and continue to provide for the JETAA and Japanese community in the Midwest.

If you have questions about any of the positions, please contact the current officer for the position(s) that you are interested in under the officer’s description. General questions, please contact


  • Strategize ways to further the goals and mission of the organization
  • Preside at all meetings
  • Prepare meeting agenda
  • Supervise officers & agents
  • Liaise with community members and organizations
  • Speak at public functions
  • Execute final authority over budget related activities or eventsQuestions? Contact Tom Collins at

Vice President

  • Preside in absence of the president
  • Assist President in forwarding the goals of the organization
  • Act as internal point of contact related to all activities and events for officers or members
  • Maintain Google events calendar
  • Fulfill necessary responsibilities in the event of a vacant board position
  • Manage efforts of the Activities and Outreach CoordinatorsQuestions? Contact Shannon Copp at


  • Prepare and distribute executive board meeting minutes
  • Submit monthly post-reports to the Consulate
  • Write and mail monthly web-letter
  • Solicit officers, member and community for contributions to the monthly webletter
  • Send special e-announcements to members when necessary
  • Record event attendance in Events Google doc
  • Arrange for cross-promotion of events/activities between relevant businesses and organizations
  • Update Webmaster and Marketing Coordinator on relevant activities for promotion on website and social mediaQuestions? Contact Adrian Molina at

Treasurer – please note that Senior Treasurer is a 2 year role and not up for election this time around.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Create promotional materials for all events
  • Design images for online outreach
  • Make event specific logos
  • Create brand images for use on the website
  • Support promotion of all events and community activities
  • Create Facebook events for all JETAA activities
  • Manage all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In

Activities Coordinator

  • Support or delegate annual sporting events and/or league memberships
  • Plan quarterly nihongo dake events
  • Manage educational activities including Japanese language programming, cultural events, and academic activities.
  • Support the annual Shinnenkai, a book club, JLPT study groups, etc.Questions? Contact Daniel Pruitt at

Networking Coordinator

  • Plan and execute annual career development workshop; manage subcommittee
  • Organize networking events for recent returnee JETs
  • Arrange quarterly networking meet-upsQuestions? Contact Ella McCann at

Outreach Coordinator

  • Support all philanthropic and volunteer activities and events
  • Encourage participation by new and general members of the community
  • Plan and execute 3-5 Outgoing JET Initiative activities and events

Philanthropy Coordinator

  • Plan and execute at least one fundraising event per year; manage subcommittee
  • Liaise with community organizations and local businesses
  • Identify philanthropic organizations that JETAA community would be interested in supporting
  • Work with Treasurer to arrange all monetary transactionsQuestions? Contact Briana Cox at


  • Maintain organization’s website with news, officer information, and event information
  • Add resources to the website regarding the JET Program, information for outgoing JETs, and life in Chicago
  • Maintain Google calendar
  • Create event registration pages
  • Manage Google site to ensure all communications, templates, and historical information are properly stored
  • Revise online communications templates as needed
  • Maintain member database and contact information
  • The Webmaster position need not be a JET alumnus/aQuestions? Contact Amy Fuentes at
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