Nihongo Dake Dinner (12/4)

nihongo potluck


Japanese slipping? Can’t seem to find a place to utilize your skills? Well, never fear, we’re having our next Nihongo Dake dinner! You’ll have a chance to brush up your Japanese and have fun doing it! No English allowed! Our target level for this one is beginner-intermediate and we will be joined by a native Japanese speaker to help us refresh and expand our skills!

Join us!

Where: Ramenster (Lakeview)

When: Friday, December 4 @ 6:30 PM

Cost: $5

Can’t wait to see you there!!

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2 Responses to Nihongo Dake Dinner (12/4)

  1. Tomoko Yamazaki says:

    Will you have more of these “nihongo dake” dinners or lunches?

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