JETAA is starting up Nihongo Dake dinners!

Hey there Chicago JET Alumni:

Worried your Japanese is slipping? Can’t seem to find a place to utilize your skills? Well, never fear, JETAA is starting up Nihongo Dake dinners!

On Sunday, November 21st, you’ll have a chance to refresh and expand your Japanese skills while you have some great food and a great time!

The first Nihongo Dake Dinner will be at Parry Koriath’s apartment.

There’s only one ironclad rule: You MUST speak in Japanese for the night. If Parry hears too much English he will throw you out! (He’s totally kidding.. Or is he?)

Parry’s Apartment:
1319 W. Early Ave, Apt #2.
Chicago, IL 60660

The door buzzer is inside the entranceway, under the mailboxes.

The closest CTA stop is the Red Line Bryn Mawr stop. Street parking on Early Avenue is always ample.

Please come anytime, 6-10 PM! Food will be ordered around 6:30 PM.

Please RSVP on Evite or Call/Email Parry Koriath at (765)749-7694 /

RSVPs must be given by November 18th!

JETAA will handle the food. Please bring 5$ cash for your meal.

In your RSVP, please state whether you are a vegetarian or if you have any food allergies/special dietary needs.

The Nihongo Dake Dinner is BYOB.

Yoroshiku Onagaishimasu, we look forward to seeing you there!

–JETAA Chicago

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