JETAA Book Club Meeting (9/3)

JETAA Chicago Book Club update!

Our September non-fiction selection is “Shutting out the Sun: How Japan Created its own Lost Generation” by Michael Zielenziger. It’s sure to provide plenty of discussion points!shutingout

Here’s an excerpt from the back cover: “Giving a human face to [Japan’s] malaise, Zielenziger explains how the country’s [rigid, tradition-steeped society, its aversion to change, and its distrust of individuality and the expression of self] have driven intelligent, creative young men to become modern-day hermits. At the same time, young women…are rejecting the traditional path to marriage and motherhood, preferring to spend their money on luxury goods and travel…Shutting Out the Sun is a bold explanation of Japan’s stagnation and its implications for the rest of the world.”

Check the following links for a copy:

If you want to get a head start on the book we’ll be discussing in October, we will be reading “The Briefcase” by Hiromi Kawakami.

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