Japanese Flash – an App for Apple products

Just wanted to give a heads up to our learners of Japanese out there that if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you should definitely check out a new app I came across – Japanese Flash – I have been using it for a couple weeks and so far it’s been a really intuitive flash card program for studying words and phrases in Japanese. I remember in college carrying around dictionary, number of workbooks and flash card sets etc… This app seems to have more than all of that. I have tried some other Japanese learning apps for my phone, but it was hard to find one that fit my skill level, this one seems to be very good at striking that balance in usefulness for both beginners and advanced learners at the same time. Someday I hope to pass that darn JLPT and the study sets in this app will hopefully help me with that too. Anyway, if you’re interested, there is a more through feature list on their site and the video below covers most of the basics.



Kevin Greene
Technology Chair

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