Part-time Staff Needed at JIC in Chicago

“The Japan Information Center in Chicago has an opening for a part-time position that will run from the beginning of February through March. The primary responsibility of this position is to assist with JET Interviews (tentatively, February 20-25), but other responsibilities pertaining to the JET Program and JIC activities will also be assigned. The pay is $15 an hour for up to 200 hours. The work schedule is somewhat flexible and before and after JET Interviews can be done in half-days. During the JET Interview Week, however, you must work full days.


Applicants must be alumni of the JET Program and have excellent organization and communication skills. Applicants must also be able to use Microsoft Word and Excel.


If interested, please send your resume to Austin Gilkeson at by Friday, January 20th. After we have done the initial screening, you will receive an email or call from us letting you know if you have been granted an interview.”

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