Uncanny Terrain – A documentary about organic farmers facing Japan’s nuclear disaster

On May 23, filmmakers Junko Kajino and Ed M. Koziarski fly to Japan to begin production of the documentary Uncanny Terrain, about organic farmers’ response to Japan’s nuclear crisis.

This is a critical moment for the organic farmers just outside the nuclear evacuation zone around the beleaguered Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Some of the farmers have already been forced to abandon their land, their livestock, and their homes to the threat of radioactive fallout. But many more are faced with uncertainty about the level of contamination in their soil, and they’re exploring how they can help the land repair itself.

Nearly 50 donors have generously contributed to cover their travel, but they still need your help to purchase video and audio equipment as well as radiation monitoring and protection gear, and to continue production through the September harvest. June 11 is their funding deadline, but PayPal contributions are welcome anytime. If you can, please support the film today and spread the word. Thanks!

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